Saturday, April 10, 2010


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Monday, September 10, 2007

iPhone passes one million mark

Apple just announced that their iPhone, which most either hate or love, just passed the one million mark. Meh, I just got an iPod Video, so sadly I don't have the cash to buy one... Heck I was searching every car and every cushion just to find some quarters to buy some new comics the other day...

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crsytal Skull

Well, that's the new name of the anticipated film. Semi-star Shia LaBoeuf announced it over at the MTV Awards yesterday...

South Park wins Emmy for the best episode ever times a billion!

Well, scratch the last part, but the World of Warcraft episode, which, mind you, is quite possibly the best South Park episode of all time, just won an Emmy for the most outstanding animated program.

In other news, Britney Spears once again shows the world that she's a complete moron by appearing at the MTV awards - While seemingly drugged...

Eco Creatures: Save the Forest

Meh, apparently some new "unique" real time strategy game has just been announced for the Nintendo DS that includes popular real world themes such as deforestation, pollution, global warming and industrialization. Once more information is released... I probably won't post....

Friday, September 7, 2007

X-Men... Disassembled?

I'm sure every Marvel fan remembers the events that took place during Avengers Disassembled, where not only the Vision, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man II all died, but where the Avengers broke apart. Well, Marvel just revealed the above image to the world, with the exact same "disassembled" logo that the previously stated comic had.

Is this the end of the X-Men? Probably not, but isn't it just awesome to say?

Hooked! for Wii delayed

So I decided that I wanted to come back... That's a good thing, yes? So, what else is there to do other than to get right back in to reporting news?

Anyway, Hooked! for Wii has been delayed, and will be released on October 23, rather than the 9th... Oh, the agony...


So, as Wiiporter just mentioned, I haven't been here in a while... But there is an explanation, and I'd say a pretty good one at that! Here it goes -

Before I even started the blog I was an active member over at a place called, which is essintially a Wikipedia with just Nintendo related stuff. Well, over time the place got bombed by spam attacks, and mainly ads, and because I wasn't an admin, there was nothing I could do. Well, just a bit ago I was promoted to sysop status, and went over to the site to get rid of all the spamers and bring the site back up, thus not giving me much time to wright on my blog.... Pink Gorrila is my brother's user name and that why I've accidentally been going under that (because when ever I go onto the blog I'm always logged in already, so I assumed that I was logged in under Bentendo...)...

I hope that I'll be able to get back to doing my blog.... and I probably will. But for now I have other things to do...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

NBC no longer supporting Apple iTunes

NBC was apparently one of the biggest supporters and most important companies who was on iTunes - They had tons of hit shows (most notably, to me atleast, The Office) on the service, and not only will they not provide new shows on the service, but they'll also remove any shows as well that were already on it... This really sucks for me, becasue I just got an iPod Video, and was really looking forward to buying The Office (even though I already have the DVD's).

Where I've been...

Alright, yesterday I didn't post anything on my blog for a reason - I was down in the basement on my large screen TV with all the lights off playing Metroid Prime 3... A review will come up soon, though I've obvoiusly got to beat it first. It should also be noted that I was also updating a bit over at, since they've promoted me...

I'll do my best to do some updates today, though it's really hard to stay away from Metroid at this time...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Manhunt 2, uncut version mind you, to be released in the Netherlands

Since the country's Ministry is powerless to ban the original Manhunt 2 game, which has been banned everywhere else, Taketwo have decided to release it there... Which as of now it the only country that will get the unrated version.

Master Chief surprise!

This is a must watch video of Master Chief (or, obviously a guy in a costume) in a Korean mall who stands still (concreate still), and waits until someone gets up close to scare the H&#@ out of them!

Quake Wars gone gold

Activision just announced that their upcoming online game Quake Wars has gone gold, meaning that the game's development is finished and that its ready to go. It'll be available in Europe and Australia on September 28 of this year, and in America on October 2. Apparently this is only the PC version, so if you're more of a console fan, then you'll have to wait a while more for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Apple iCar?

Reports from some German magazine are saying that Apple and the Volkswagen company have been talking to each other tossing ideas around. Nothing is set in stone yet, and even if it is this still doesn't mean that Apple is making their own car, so calm down!

Grand Theft Auto: Gotham City...

Well, not exactly, but pretty close. According to the Rumor Mill portion of EGM, a "popular studio" is working on a Batman video game that is in the same style of Grand Theft Auto. What exactly does this mean? Surely it just implies that it'll be a sandbox game rather than a run and gun and have sex with hookers story, becuase if you don't remember - Batman doesn't kill... and I'm sure he doesn't have sex with hookers...

Also, no console was mentioned, so bummer...

Worms: A Space Oddity announced for Wii

When I was younger, Worms used to be one of my favorite series. I may not have been very good at it, though I used to just play for countless hours. Well, it's good to hear that the classic series will be released on the Wii under the name of Worms: A Space Oddity. According to THQ, the game will include a "fresh visual style, new environmental settings, intuitive contorls and even more customization options." Beyond that there will also be Wiimote based actions, though what exactly you'll be doing with your arms is unknown.

Apparently the whole game will be redone, and will include a re-invented single player mode, party mode, and as aforementioned tons of customization options.

The game will also include a sci-fi feel to it, as its name implies.

Mass Effect dated...

Mass Effect's just been dated for November 20 of this year, which is great news seeing that the game's supposed to be simply amazing. And would you look at that - I updated right at 12:00 as I said I would!

More news during lunch...

I got up late today and thus was only to post thrree news stories, so I'll do my best to do some more at lunch...

UPDATE: Oh, wait, it was four! My mistake!

Microsoft/Mitsubishi two sided touch screen game console???

Alright, now I have no idea what this is all about. Later on today I'll do a little more research, and maybe I'll be able to confirm or deny the realness of this console. In the meantime, you can read the quote which I found over at Neogaf...

"Touch is a compelling input modality for interactive devices; however, touch input on the small screen of a mobile device is problematic because a user’s fingers occlude the graphical elements he wishes to work with. LucidTouch is a mobile device that addresses this limitation by allowing the user to control the application by touching the back of the device. The key to making this usable is what we call pseudo-transparency: by overlaying an image of the user’s hands onto the screen, we create the illusion of the mobile device itself being semitransparent. This pseudo-transparency allows users to accurately acquire targets while not occluding the screen with their fingers and hand. LucidTouch also supports multi-touch input, allowing users to operate the device simultaneously with all 10 fingers. We present initial study results that indicate that many users found touching on the back to be preferable to touching on the front, due to reduced occlusion, higher precision, and the ability to make multi-finger input."

TGS 2007: The big three plus a couple third parites to host pre-TGS press conferences

It's just been reported that Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, SEGA and Capcom are going to host pre-Tokyo Game Show conferences to possibly show off new games, already existing games, or maybe even some new hardware (don't bet on it!). The list can be seen below -

Note that it's not in English, and I'm a lazy @$$ who doesn't feel like translating it...

- 31.08.07: Capcom CS Game Private Show
- 04.09.07: Monatliches Sony CE Treffen, auf dem das November-Lineup gezeigt wird.
- 05.09.07: Nintendo Private Show mit dem Lineup für Oktober bis Dezember.
- Erste/Zweite September-Woche: Microsoft-Treffen
- 14.09.07: Sega Strategy Meeting

Nintendo sends VC e-mail updates

If you're a member of Nintendo's online service, then expect to get a new email which shows off all the new Virtual Console updates. This is a pretty good move on Nintendo's part, seeing that not everyone checks the multiple blogs and websites to see what new games are out, including the casual fans and younger/older folks...

Smash Bros. Brawl update - Gliding

Gliding is a new ability (well, sort of, in Melee Peach could in a way do it) that allows you to, well, you know... However, only a select few characters are able to perform this ability. Confirmed characters include Meta Knight, Pit, and the Pokémon Trainer's Charizard.

Once you start to glide, there's no turning back (and when I say that, I mean you can't turn around!). So be careful not to go too far over the edge... well, in fact, it'd probably be best not to go over the edge at all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy boxart

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that the prvious boxart that Nintendo was showcasing was a bunch of crap. Thankfully, they have a new one, which looks 50 times better!

Expect the Metroid Prime 3 review in about a week...

Yeah, I'm not a very fast player... nor am I very good... but expect it in a weak, hopefully!

This golf shot really makes no since...

This is some crazy stuff right here folks -